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Der nächste Gibson: Zero History vom 17. Mar. 2010 aus "Things I found under my bed"

William Gibson hat kürzlich gezwitschert, dass sein nächster Roman »Zero History« heissen wird. Das Erscheinungsdatum ist offenbar der 7. September:
Eine schnelle, wenn auch illegale Zeitreise versetzt mich in die glückliche Lage, dem geschätzten Leser einige Zeilen aus »Zero History« zitieren zu können:

»When she sang for The Curfew, Hollis Henry’s face was known worldwide. She still runs into people who remember the poster. Unfortunately, in the post-crash economy, cult memorabilia doesn’t pay the rent, and right now she’s a journalist in need of a job. The last person she wants to work for is Hubertus Bigend, twisted genius of global marketing; but there’s no way to tell an entity like Bigend that you want nothing more to do with him. That simply brings you more firmly to his attention.

Milgrim is clean, drug-free for the first time in a decade. It took eight months in a clinic in Basel. Fifteen complete changes of his blood. Bigend paid for all that. Milgrim’s idiomatic Russian is superb, and he notices things. Meanwhile no one notices Milgrim. That makes him worth every penny, though it cost Bigend more than his cartel-grade custom-armored truck.«

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